Yearly Pool Safety Inspection Can Lead to Incident Free Use of Pools

Pools make for an important addition to a home, that greatly increases family time, social interaction and hours of enjoyment, especially in summers. It is important that pools are always safe for use for both adults and children, and comply with the laws that are relevant in the area that you live.

You can enhance the safety of your pool in Queensland, Noosa by ensuring that you obtain a pool safety inspection Noosa through yearly pool safety inspections by pool inspector’s who have the authority and mandate to conduct such inspections. The main job of pool inspectors is to see that the pool they are inspecting has complied with all the safety standards that are laid down in the laws. When such pool inspection is carried out, the inspector will issue a safety certificate or a document specifying the areas in which the pool does not conform to the safety standards. This non-confirmation must be clearly set down and steps needed to rectify the situation must be clearly spelled out. Some pool inspectors can also provide the necessary services to ensure that the pool then comes up to the required safety standards, that can then allow the safety certificate to be issued.

How can a homeowner ensure that the pool he has on his property conforms to safety standards? The first thing to do is to get proper information about the safety standards that pool inspectors will insist on. He must then take all the necessary steps for safety and then offer the pool for inspection so that he can get the required yearly safety certificate. One of the main areas that get inspected during pool safety inspection is the provision of a proper safety fence around the pool. Its gates need to be self-closing and self-latching, especially fences that are meant for child safety. This will be checked by the inspector to ensure that gates close on their own, without any need to apply any force. They will also check on the height of the gate latch, and that is at least 1500mm above the ground. The distance between the fence and the gate must not be more than 10mm, otherwise, the inspector will see it as a point of non-confirmation.

Gates and fences also must not have a gap of more than 100mm at ground level. Fences must not have any creepers lights, or be used for drying towels and clothes. It is also important to ensure that surrounding trees and other vegetation around the pool do not become a means for access to the pool. Any other garden ornaments, benches or other objects near the fences must not allow anyone to use them to climb over the fence. Fences need to be at least 1200mm high to conform to safety standards that inspectors will insist on. There must be no gaps in the fence, and if any, must be less than 100mm. If there is any direct access to the pool form the home, it must have gates or doors that comply with pool safety laws. There must be no direct approach to the pool from any of the windows of the home, and if they do exist, they must be covered by grills that prevent entry.

Follow all these safety needs and the pool inspector will definitely issue you the needed pool safety certificate.

Temporary Pool Fencing Perth and WA

DU Swimming Pool Fencing will seamlessly install a safe and secure temporary pool fence the same day as your pool is installed.

The temporary fence around your pool will be the transition between your pool construction and your permanent fence installation.

Our temporary pool fencing is safe, secure and meets Australian standards.  It will provide you with peace of mind.

We cover the entire Perth metropolitan region and country WA areas upon request.

Our Temporary Pool Fence includes:

  •  An Australian Standard self closing gate
  • Australian Standard panels to completely enclose any shape or size pool
  • Sturdy and durable bases
  • Hoarding (mesh panel) to provide a visual screen for privacy
  • 24 hour on call site assistance
  • A relocation service if necessary

Why Do I Need a Temporary Pool Fence?

  • There is often a delay between pool contractor installation and permanent pool fence installation.
  • Australian law requires all pools to be fenced as soon as it becomes a body of water (rain included)

Our temporary pool fence is available for hire for ANY PERIOD between completion of pool installation and permanent fence construction.

Installation Timing

You simply inform us the date your pool is booked for installation.  Keep us informed of any changes.  We arrive same day and seamlessly install the temporary fence around your pool after the installation is complete.

Even if your pool installation doesn’t conclude until late in the day,  your temporary pool fence will be installed same day.  Your family’s safety is the most important thing to us.  We will ALWAYS install your pool fence same day.

Perth Pool Builders Casino Pools

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Perth Pools Inground Concrete Pool Builders

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